Five Star Rating – What To Expect

Today luxury is attributed to many things. Sometimes it is a word much over used or abused. An industry that heavily depends on this particular word is the hotel industry. Using Star ratings seems to be the accepted way hotels denotes its level of quality, service and luxury.  Though it is a widely accepted method there is yet no universally accepted standard for each star rating. In some countries star ratings focus on the level of service provided while others heavily depend on cleanliness of the amenities right down to the food provided.

 Money’s Worth

When traveling to stay in a luxury hotel Causeway Bay it is customary to expect a certain standard of service. Usually both Four Star and Five Star hotels fall under the luxury category. However there is no universal governing body to decide on what basic requirements luxury hotels should offer. This standard of luxury is bound to change depending on the country you are travelling to as well. Therefore it is advisable to do research in order to make sure you get your money’s worth. After all in luxury travel customers pay good money expecting the best.  Listed below are some of the basics you should expect.

Effortless easy booking system – this should be easy no matter how or where you make your reservation from. Booking s made directly through the hotel or through a travel agent does not matter, if it is categorized as luxury the method should be a breeze.

Higher standard of service from all levels of staff. Hotels should also be adequately staffed. A customer should not be made to wait around to be served. Check – in and check – out should not be a tiring and time consuming affair.

Room options – there should ideally be at least 2 -3 categories of rooms to select from with at least one Luxury Suite with several rooms. You should also get the room that you asked for, not a replacement or a substitute. The room should also be comfortable, tastefully designed and decorated preferably with original art work.

Top of the range amenities should be a must have when paying for luxury. From plush bedding, fully equipped gymnasiums to tennis courts and even pristine beaches all come under this category.

Basics – unlike in an relaxing affordable hotel in Central, some of the most basic items such as bottled water, Tea & coffee should be provided free for guests. Some hotels would even offer free unlimited wifi.

Food – this is an all important aspect. When paying a big amount to stay in a star rated hotel, it is right to expect at least two to three different restaurants to choose from. They should of course provide menus of high standard coupled with 24 hour room service.

Therefore when making reservations for your next holiday & if you are willing to pay the big bucks, make sure that at least most of the above are covered. After all getting your money’s worth is important.

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